Check out the song: “Ego Fader”

Zenith Myth, the man behind the experimental rock act bearing the same name spoke with me recently about his debut disc. The self-titled debut is a solid foray and definitely gives a nod to the progressive rock acts that have come before him. Here is what Zenith Myth had to say about the record and the process that went into making it.

You have quite a cast of musicians playing on this record. How did that come about?
Zenith: I am lucky enough to have some very talented friends. When I was demoing the record i asked a few people for a guitar line here or there. I wound up getting a lot more than that, and it only added to the depth of the record. Musicians by nature are collaborative, but my friends really came through for me in a big way and for that I very appreciate. It would not have been the same record without their efforts!

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of the record?
Zenith: Hopefully they can expect a record that plays as a concept album from song 1 through to the hidden track at the very end. The idea was to make a record that had some flow, and followed an arc. Progressive records of old always had a theme and took you on a journey. This is what I was trying to accomplish with Zenith Myth.

Are you satisfied with the record?
Zenith: Essentially yes, but as with any art, if I could do it over again and or go back and make a few changes i probably would change a few things up.

How did you get in touch with Jordon Zadorozny and what was it like working with him?
Zenith: Jordon has been a friend for years. I knew him back when he was a just a talented kid in his basement making big demos on his 4 track. I have been following his work and career since then, and thought if ever I were to take things to the next level musically, Jordon would be the guy to help me accomplish that goal. Sure enough, when I got into the studio with him, it was as though we had already been working together forever. Our music taste and sonic references are aligned very well, so the process of making the record was extremely smooth. And because the record was made in the dead of winter at his French Kiss Studio Facility, in isolated Pembroke Ontario, we had very few outside distractions. Looking back on it now, making that record with Jordon was one of the best experiences of my life.

Is there any intention to release singles? If so which songs?
Zenith: Simple answer: Yes. Not so simple: Which song(s) ? Radio seems to be gravitating toward “Icicle Tryst”, because of its chorus vs. chorus structure and timing… I myself lean toward “Ego Fader” because it is the song that I find the most satisfying on the record. And as I answer this, there are videos for “Manitou” and “Zenith Myth” in the works as well…. I guess we will have to see which song rises to
“single” status?

Who are your biggest influences on your playing?
Zenith: Kevin Sheilds (My Bloody Valentine) guitar playing, Jon Bonham’s (LZ) drumming, and Massive Attack’s dub type bass lines….is kinda the vibe i was going for. I have many influences from Supertramp to Nine Inch Nails to Soundgarden to Genesis and Yes to Boards Of Canada. The goal of the record was to capture all of these elements into one cohesive (more or less) sound.

Times are tough these days. Do you have a job when you are not touring?
Zenith: As owner Vibra Cobra Records, the label that is putting out Zenith Myth, I am promoting the record full time, trying to get a much traction and buzz out there as possible. Since the record has been finished, my demo studio has virtually turned into a record company office. It’s about as DYI as it gets.

Check out the song: “Icicle Tryst”

What is the toughest lesson you ever learned in the studio?
Zenith: That I couldn’t play all the musical parts that were in my head.

Are you going to be going on the road with this project?
Zenith: When and if there is enough critical mass, yes, there will be tour. Thinking, Bowie Aladdin Sane era makeup and costuming meets Roger Waters-The Wall meets Muse’s laser show !

If so will you be hiring musicians or will those who played on the disc be traveling with you?
Zenith: A little bit of both, if all goes as planned.

What is next for Zenith Myth?
Zenith: Writing the next Zenith Myth record and getting back to Pembroke!