The Skinny: The Brigade is a four piece metalcore band from Austin Texas that began in 2009 as idea and has since grown into a full on force to deal with. Pooling their influences ranging from late 90s metalcore to chaos metal and southern hardcore, The Brigade’s sound has become one that is distinctly theirs, and increasingly hard to categorize or pin down. Their music is passionate, hard, and unpredictable, with each new song an attempt stretch creatively and find the balance between brutality and hope.

WARNINGS is the band’s debut full-length and was recorded by Brandon Kinder (The Wealthy West, The Rocketboys) at Ghost Note Recorders over the course of two months in early 2011. The band’s real goal was to create an album that celebrated their influences and spoke honestly about the hearts of the collective members.

Though earlier versions of a few of the tracks appeared in their demo from 2010, line-up changes forced The Brigade to look at the material they had and revamp it in a way that made sense to them. The result of almost two years of writing and re-writing is WARNINGS, a ten track assault on the senses that combines chaos, brutality, and atmosphere to grab the listener’s attention on each track, and allow them to keep coming back to new aspects every time. WARNINGS is not your ordinary metal.


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