When I used to drive for hours plowing, I would rely on the radio to keep me sane. During this mind-numbing task, one of my fave bands was Mother Mother and their song “The Stand.” Now, though my snow removal days are over, I still love my Mother Mother fix; so naturally I snagged their third album Eureka.

The release is awesome and each and every song has an upbeat, pop alternative rock sound which just gets you going. The great harmony created thanks to the male and female vocals gives the music a truly positive vibe. This is also the first record which features the amazing voice of Jasmin Parkin who sings some crazy backup lines – I do feel she has one of the strongest voices in Canada’s music scene.

All 12 tracks should get trapped in your head, making you hum along and tap a finger on the nearest surface. Everyone should definitely check out Mother Mother’s album Eureka. Fans Of Magneta Lane, Metric, Death From Above 1979 and Emily Haines will enjoy these fun and at times soothing sounds.

Track Listing:

01. Chasing It Down
02. The Stand
03. Baby Don’t Dance
04. Original Spin
05. Born In A Flash
06. Simple Simple
07. Problems
08. Aspiring Fires
09. Getaway
10. Far In Time
11. Oleander
12. Calm Me Down

Run Time: 42:53
Release Date: March 15, 2011

Check out the song: “Calm Me Down”