If you’re Canadian, you listened to alternative rock in the ‘90s and you like good music, then you’ll probably know Econoline Crush. EC scored a hugely successful record with 1997’s The Devil You Know and followed it up with the worthy Brand New History before disbanding. Lead singer Trevor Hurst resurrected the group in 2007 and ever since, has been releasing new music; though much of it has gone unnoticed due in large to the lack of solid record deal. This said, Hurst has decided to go the internet route and release new music via the three song EP, The People Have Spoken.

While Hurst seemed to have lost his way with the band’s 2008 record Ignite, he’s rediscovered some of his past magic with these three songs. “Stay With Me” is a quick moving, driving tune that makes for a perfect opener. It starts out quickly and never really misses a beat the whole way through. Hurst’s vocals are very well mixed and well-produced and it’s somewhat reminiscent of the tempo and pace of The Devil You Know opener “Surefire (Never Enough).” “Thorn” is the most impressive of the three songs with some cool distortion on Hurst’s voice and an absolutely unforgettable chorus. The chorus is so good that it’s infectious and you’ll definitely be thinking of it all day. Track three “I’m Afraid” is another quick moving number, although its chorus isn’t as effective as in the two other songs.

Listening to The People Have Spoken makes me wonder what the hell Trevor Hurst has been doing all these years? All three songs stand right up beside the group’s best work which is saying a lot for a group that has either been on hiatus or out of touch for many years. If you liked EC’s past work or you’re a fan of electronic rock, then definitely go to iTunes and download The People Have Spoken.

Track Listing:

01. Stay With Me
02. Thorn
03. I’m Afraid

Run Time: 12:14
Release Date: April 23, 2011

Check out the song: “Thorn”