The name pretty much says it all, this is a BEAST of an album. DevilDriver has once again come together to create a large-sounding record. It’s full of destructive, thrashing riffs getting pounded out by great double bass drumming and vocal lines unlike other musicians in the genre. I’ve always liked how most of the time Dez fits in a word per beat, unlike others vocalists who drag out their words.

Beast takes the band to the next level surpassing their previous releases. BY comparison, all past albums play like deer starting into headlights while Beast is ready to total your car. Destructive fans of Baptized In Blood, Cavalera Conspiracy, Machine Head and Soulfly will love DevilDriver and their new release Beast.

Track Listing:

01. Dead To Rights
02. Bring The Fight (To The Floor)
03. Hardened
04. Shitlist
05. Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)
06. You Make Me Sick
07. Coldblooded
08. Blur
09. The Blame Game
10. Black Soul Choir
11. Crowns Of Creation
12. L end Myself To The Night

Run Time: 55:01
Release Date: 02.22.2011

Check out the song: “Dead To Rights”