american metal


Although New Jersey’s God Forbid is considered one of the leaders of the New Wave of American Metal, their music has always possessed plenty of European flavor too, mostly noticeable in the melodic tendencies of their material. Their brand new album Equilibrium retains all the trademark elements of the band’s style (powerful heavy grooves, European-like catchy melodic riffing, etc.) and also showcases them trying to simplify, with apparent self-consciousness, their songwriting in order to create a near radio-friendly vibe around the new songs.

The name pretty much says it all, this is a BEAST of an album. DevilDriver has once again come together to create a large-sounding record. It’s full of destructive, thrashing riffs getting pounded out by great double bass drumming and vocal lines unlike other musicians in the genre. I’ve always liked how most of the time Dez fits in a word per beat, unlike others vocalists who drag out their words.