Three years after the release of their debut album Make Your Mark, Vancouver’s Living With Lions are back, with a new bass player and singer, and new album Holy Shit. I’ve been looking forward to a new Living With Lions record since the first recording video diaries went up on YouTube over a year ago, and Holy Shit more than lives up to my expectations.

Holy Shit continues Living With Lions’ track record of great pop-punk songs, with solid sing a long choruses and infectious guitar. The song writing is great across all ten tracks on the record, although two tracks in the middle – lead single “Honesty, Honestly” and “Whatever You Want” – aren’t quite as good as the songs that surround them, they are far from bad.

When I heard the band had lost their original singer I was worried the chemistry that made them so great was gone too, but Holy Shit has proved that they’ve come together as a better band then ever.

Track Listing:

01. Pieces
02. Regret Song
03. In Your Light
04. Honesty, Honestly
05. Whatever You Want
06. Maple Drive Is Still Alive
07. Wake Up
08. Matthew’s Anthem
09. Rough Around The Edges
10. When We Were Young

Run Time: 35:08
Release Date: 05.17.2011