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Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Ben and Alloy Matt are in studio with more Texts/Tweets From Last Night. They’re joined for a segment by Jon Daigle of the MetalsPeak Podcast because he saw our tweet that we were recording and to join us via Skype. We encourage all our listeners to do this, so watch the Alloy Podcast Facebook or Twitter pages (links below) for when to contribute to the show! Alloy Matt went to see Papa Roach last weekend and Alloy Ben was going to the Motograter/amerakin overdose show that night, so they discussed those shows for a bit. Alloy Matt got some time with Abandon All Ships bros which includes a freestyle rap from their tour manager. Bikerack in the Heezy!

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01. Tony Danza Tapdance Extraveganza – “12/21/12” (Hidden Track)
02. Pathology – “Code Injection”
03. Clutch – “Electric Worry”
04. Smaragos – “Furnace”
05. Memphis May Fire – “The Sinner”
06. amerakin overdose – “Amerakin Me”
07. Beneath the Surface – “Jazy Berlin”
08. Abandon All Ships Chat
09. Abandon All Ships – “When Dreams Become Nightmares”
10. MetalsPeak Promo

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