Starting today is hosting a debut of the track “Death Before Disco” from Tuck From Hell’s forthcoming release ‘Thrashing’. ‘Thrashing’ is the band’s first proper studio release and it is being released on January 25, 2011 via Metalville Records. Check out the song “Death Before Disco” at THIS LOCATION.

January 2010, the guys, all born 1988, entered the Darkside studio once again to record their debut album. 3 months later they came out with a debut album that is sure to be a favorite for metal heads across the globe.

Led by drummer Nils Fredrik Johansson, the charismatic singer Niclas Ingels, guitar wiz kid Petrus Granar, insane rhythm guitarist Polo Bengts and Bass player Tomas Sonesson, Tuck plans on dominating the thrash scene for many years to come.

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