Georgia’s The Chariot and are pleased to announce an exclusive contest giveaway for the band’s new Limited Edition 7-inch vinyl album. Fans can enter the contest at THIS LOCATION. Fans can also pre-order the vinyl at the Good Fight Music merch store, HERE. The winner of the contest will receive the #1 pressing of the green glow-in-the-dark colour 7-inch. See below for information about the different colours and pressing information.

Side A of the 7-inch features two tracks. Track 1 is entitled ‘Music of a Grateful Heart’, and is a brand new unreleased track from the Long Live recording sessions. Track 2 is entitled ‘Graciously’ and is an alternate and extended version of the Long Live track ‘The Audience’. Side B of the 7-inch is an etching of the band’s familiarly infamous skull logo. The vinyl comes in four different colours with 250 pieces pressed per colour (total of 1,000 copies). Each colour set is hand-numbered 1 through 250. Each set will be available for purchase in a different way; one being available only at official tour dates from the band themselves, one is available at the official pre-order with a limited time bundle package, one will be made available exclusively through Hot Topic, while the remaining colour set will be available to purchase at local music retail stores.

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