After a ten year hiatus the classic all-American rock band The Doobie Brothers are back with a new release, World Gone Crazy. This is the band’s 13th studio release and one that I feel will once again find its way onto the Billboard Charts and Rock radio stations everywhere. Original members Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons have put together a collection of songs that I feel carries on the long standing Doobie Brothers tradition. The soulful, catchy tunes can be immediately associated with the band’s work, but are is in no way a recreation of their older records. Quite the contrary, for while I feel World Gone Crazy definitely has that Doobie Brothers feel to it I think it is fresh, modern and vibrant; a sort of melding of the past and the present.

World Gone Crazy marks a return to the group’s collaboration with renowned producer Ted Templeman resulting in an album that is chock full of memorable moments. There are also a few guest appearances on this disc, most notable among them are Doobie Brother Alumni Michael McDonald and country music legend Willie Nelson.

While I can picture nearly every song on this disc making its way into regular rotation on the radio, the one that stands out the most to me is “Don’t Say Goodbye” (featuring Michael McDonald). The smooth, yet extremely familiar, trademark vocals of McDonald really struck a chord and resonated with me, it was as if for a moment in time all of the planets had aligned.

Don’t get the wrong impression though, I honestly did not find a bad song on this disc – every one is fun and easy to listen to. World Gone Crazy is classic Doobie Brothers with a present day sensibility and is well worth checking out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Brighter Day
02. Chateau
03. Nobody
04. World Gone Crazy
05. Far From Home
06. Young Man’s Game
07. Don’t Say Goodbye (featuring Michael McDonald)
08. My Baby
09. Old Juarez
10. I Know We One (featuring Willie Nelson)
11. Law Dogs
12. Little Prayer
13. New York Dream

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: 09.28.2010