I reviewed Children Collide’s debut album The Long Now earlier this year and felt that with a few extra touches, they could become Australia’s best band of today. I gave that album a 9/10 rating and when their follow up album Theory Of Everything was announced to arrive on Australian shelves on August 27th this year, I realised I had become a little sceptical that they could somehow step up another level. Incredibly, they have.

The album starts off in unspectacular fashion with “Future Monks”, but when it gives way to lead single “Jellylegs” you can’t help but be blown away. The melody and power that this song possesses is nothing but perfection. The ultimate pop-rock song.

There are a few odd moments on the album which add a bit of individuality, as seen on track three “Asleep On My Feet”. An unsuspecting intro suddenly cuts into an angst ridden rock song, but although caught out by the sudden change in pace you can’t help enjoying it.

“My Eagle” is a return back to pop sensibility and was selected well by the band for their second single. Inevitably, John Mackay’s vocals in the song will cause comparisons to Aussie sensations Wolfmother, but I can assure you “My Eagle” is far more satisfying than anything off Wolfmother’s latest effort Cosmic Egg (which really should have been entitled Cosmic Trash).

“Arrows” can draw comparisons to a typical Stereophonics effort, but again Children Collide spice things up with the epic “Loveless”, proving that the band have more up their sleeve than just loud rock music.

There are twelve tracks on the album and thankfully Children Collide keep up their form right until the last seconds. The final three songs are arguably just as good as the first three, which is quite incredible. Many songs at the end of albums could be described as ‘leftovers’, but with “Inventions”, “Into The Sky With Ivy” and the Sonic Youth-esq “Seven Forks” you could easily be excused for wanting to listen to the whole album again, straight away.

It will take something spectacular to displace Theory Of Everything as the best rock album of the year.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Future Monks
02. Jellylegs
03. Asleep on My Feet
04. My Eagle
05. Arrows
06. Fashion Fits
07. Loveless
08. Complacency No Vacancy
09. Speed of Sound
10. Inventions
11. Into the Sky With Ivy
12. Seven Forks

Run Time: 42:38
Release Date: 08.27.2010