Every Time I Die lead vocalist Keith Buckley recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the band’s new DVD release, Shit Happens: The Series?. What started out as a weekly series of videos, has turned into a two hour DVD of behind the scenes footage of the band on the road. Shit Happens: The Series? is a sort of window into the world of EITD while they are on the road trying to stave off the boredom. Here is what Buckley had to say about the DVD and the current tour.

How is the tour going so far?
Keith: It is unbelievable. We are like four days in and it has been four of the craziest shows we have played in a long long time. We couldn’t ask for anything more right now… I love it.

The crowds have been pretty good then?
Keith: Yeah they have been great. Every show has been sold out and they have been going bonkers and it just feels like an old hardcore show. After doing so many festivals tours you wonder if that is bad, but then it is nice because it is still kicking.

This tour takes you when till the end of December right?
Keith: Yeah it goes till December 2nd.

Then are you guys off for a bit of time?
Keith: We do a few one offs. We go to Alaska for two days in the middle of December and then we come back and do two shows in Buffalo.

What song of yours gets the best response in the live setting?
Keith: “Ebolarama” is still is one of the best songs to play live. Kids love that song and there is a lot of stage diving. “We’re wolf” and “Floater” are also very good as far as live stuff goes. Actually I think that “We’re Wolf” is probably the best one in the live setting… lots of stage diving and stuff.

You guys have been at this for a long time, sine about 1998. Did you ever imagine you would still be doing this after all this time?
Keith: I don’t know, I mean at the time no. Because I knew that I had seen so many bands come and go so fast. I don’t think any of us know how to quit anything, it is not in our blood we are just going to keep working, quitting was never an option.

Along those same lines do you find the rigors of touring taking more of a toll on you as you get older?
Keith: Oh definitely we are all a little more frail, but at the same time you don’t even think about anything but playing and being in the moment.

So 4 days out do you have your road legs yet?
Keith: Oh definitely. We are good to go. I think the energy we get from the crowd helps us speed up the process of getting our legs. I think we were good to go after the first one.

What has been the reception to your new DVD, Shit Happens: The Series??
Keith: It has been annoying because people come up to us all the time and repeat lines that we say on the DVD over and over, but at least it means they are watching it.

How is the series going? Have you been keeping up with the weekly updates?
Keith: Oh yeah, we are always up on that. There is a lot of downtime and I really enjoy Twitter, we all do because we are only really funny for about a sentence or two of material so this is perfect for us.

You stay very up to date with it then?
Keith: Oh yeah, very much so, everyday, all day.

Now that you have had a bit of time to sit on, New Junk Aesthetic, are you still happy with it?
Keith: I love it but I am ready to get back into the studio. I think we all are. We are kind of on a schedule where the two year mark is coming up again when we start writing again and thinking about recording.

So that is the plan then, a new release sometime here in 2011?
Keith: Yeah we are going to start writing in January and usually we record in April and May of every other year. So that is coming up.

So you guys are pretty regimented with your schedules then?
Keith: Yes we are right on schedule.

Any closing words at all?
Keith: Just make sure you come out and see the show. If you are having trouble finding the DVD, which I know a lot of people are, we are selling them at the show and you get a copy of New Junk Aesthetic with it and it is only $8.00. So come out and learn some of the new catch phrases.

Is the video being released nationwide or is it in selective markets?
Keith: No it is, but I don’t think that a lot of places are too stoked or that Best Buy is too stoked to have an end cap with something that is called “Shit Happens.” It is a safe bet that we will have it and you can get it at our shows. You might have to do some super sleuthing trying to find a Best Buy that will have it, but we will definitely have it.