The Showdown comes out of the box swinging with Blood In The Gears‘ opening track, “The Man Named Hell” and they do not let up until the very last song, “Diggin’ My Own Grave.” Packaged between these two songs are eight tunes that are fast, heavy and groove laden. The Showdown set the bar so high I didn’t think they would be able follow through to the end; man was I wrong. This disc will get your blood flowing and your neck snapping in no time at all; it did mine.

For me, it’s all about the groove. If I’m listening to a song and my head starts moving without me even thinking about it, then I know the track has that special something. I feel there are so many bands on the scene today with killer chops that can play really fast and super technical, but when it comes to laying down a solid groove, they are just unable to accomplish it. To me, Blood In The Gears is all about groove. Don’t get the wrong idea though, because this disc dishes out a pounding for sure, but it is the combination of power and groove that really grabbed and held my attention even after repeated plays.

If somebody told me they had $1.00 and really wanted to purchase just one song from Blood In The Gears, I would have an extremely hard time singling out just one.

The Showdown has been around for a while now and I think this is their best effort yet. Blood In The Gears is good… REALLY GOOD. It should be a necessary addition to any metal lover’s collection.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Man Named Hell
02. Heavy Lies The Crown
03. Bring It Down
04. Take Me Home
05. Blood In The Gears
06. Dogma Enthroned
07. No Escape
08. The Crooked Path
09. Graveyard Empires
10. Diggin’ My Own Grave

Run Time: 40:07
Release Date: 08.24.2010