Holy Crap… I am speechless. I have heard a lot of bad records but, We Are You On Fire might be the one that takes the cake. I found We Are You On Fire extremely painful and difficult to listen to for a number of different reasons. The first problem I had with the disc is it sounds as if it were recorded in a garage or perhaps in someone’s basement. Sonically it is an unbelievable mess. As someone who has been a recording engineer for many years, it drives me crazy and plucks my every last nerve to hear something like this. It appears to me that all of the faders on the mixing board were just maxed out, resulting in an overdriven barrage of noise.

The vocals, (if that is what you want to call them) are so grating and irritating that I had to force myself to press forward, (I took one for the team). The indiscernible, incessant screaming is much more than I can handle, even in very small doses.

I wish I could say that there was just one redeemable quality on We Are You On Fire but try as I might I was unable to find anything that resembles music at all. In my never so humble opinion, this has gone beyond the limits of what I even consider ‘music’. Two good examples of songs that I feel are complete and utter nonsense are, “Subject B,” and “(Space Whales)” both of which are just pure dissonance and distortion.

I realize there are bands out there that intentionally push the limits in an attempt to be extreme but this school of thought has never been my cup of tea. I can often times find value in the musicianship, the packaging or the production of a project. I see none here. I am sitting with my mouth agape; bewildered. I actually made it through all 31:00 of this disc and I still am not really sure what the point of this project was at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. June Flew
02. Jeffrey Jesus, Son Of Jesus
03. Anti-Sex
04. We Are You On Fire
05. Family Jams
06. Barnyard Traditional
07. Skins on Loan
08. [ ]
09. Boot Tricks
10. Subject B
11. (Space Whales)

Run Time: 31:13
Release Date: 07.31.2010