Every rockabilly band of the twenty-first century seems to sound like an upbeat dance for zombies; Sweet Revenge is the second release by The Matadors. Though, this is the first time I have actually listened to them, when I pressed play I was pleasantly surprised considering they were always recommended to me by my punk rocker friends.

I enjoyed this album a lot, though it maintains a heavy face it is completely danceable and upbeat which is usually the high point of rockabilly; their storylines and choice of timing and chords provides a very dark almost fifties drive-in feeling. Though, looking at their imagery and layout I think that might be the intention.

Sweet Revenge starts out with “That’s How She Died” which in my opinion is the best song on the entire album, though the record is amazing in comparison to this song I found this track to set the mood for the rest of this release. It is perfectly dark and danceable; those licks that the devil himself would bust a move to.

This Satan worshiping rockabilly band would be my highest recommended of the genre, and their second album Sweet Revenge is their best work to date in my opinion. If you’re a zombie like me who likes to work their rigor mortis out with dancing, this is the album for you.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. That’s How She Died
02. Up All Night
03. A Little Bit Of Alcohol
04. Faith In Booze
05. That Kind Of Love
06. Buzzin’
07. I Love You When You’re Dead
08. Drunk And Drivin’
09. The Devil Taught Me How
10. Bush Party Handjob
11. If You’re Gonna Bitch (I’m Gonna Drink)
12. I Lied

Run Time: 38:33
Release Date: 12.23.2008