Authority Zero’s fourth album Stories of Survival is more of the reggae fused punk-rock that has earned this band the status of “royalty” in the genre. Though this was the first time I had listened to Authority Zero, their music is an interesting listen and reflects their influences, which they are not afraid to hide, or experiment with in their sound. If you listen with the right ears you can definitely hear the inspiration of Sublime and Bad Religion.

Polkadot Cadaver (Todd Smith, Jasan Stepp, and John Ensminger of Dog Fashion Disco), is the future of DFD. Though these bands have never made mainstream fame, they have gathered a wide range of underground fans that are quite suited by their title the “Mushroom Cult”. I would consider myself one of these kids, because through the years I have grown to love them more and more as they grow musically.

An Absolutely Confident, Aggressive Rock album. With the right diversity that with most bands would usually separate the rhythmic lines between rock, and metal. Though, this is not just any band. King Cobra debut with their new EP which only compliments one of the most energetic, and outgoing acts that I have seen in recent history.

The recent return of one of the grooviest rock n’ roll bands of the twenty-first century is a triumphant one indeed. Foxy Shazam have proven themselves to stand their own ground experimentally in the rock world. I have not a bad word to say about their newest self titled release, anyone who has heard Foxy Shazam will know what genius to expect. If you enjoy good classic rock n’ roll with powerful vocals then you should check it out.