“We wanted to go into making this album as innocent as you do making your first record, with no expectations and no pressure. Just do what you do.” This quote taken from an interview with Bullet For My Valentine guitarist Matthew Tuck in Guitar Edge really grabbed my attention and set hopes for Fever, the band’s newest release.

Upon receiving a copy of Fever I just stared it. The cover art, by P.R. Brown features a naked girl with crab claw arms. First thought that went through my immature rocker head was, “This CD has crabs…” Then I popped the pin stripe designed disc into my player and this is what I heard….

The sound of a marching beat that gets your heart pumping with excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. All of a sudden they started to rock out with faster instrumentals eventually brought to a halt with breakdowns. This began my realization that the band has taken a more nu-metal approach to their music. The catchy vocal lines and simpler instrumentals are what this release all about. There are a few great guitar licks that have been thrown, but overall they have simplified parts of songs over which Matthew Tuck sings. It’s a new formula that is working well for them.

One song that grabbed my attention was the title track “Fever”. The intro is absolutely thrashing and just screams attention and the chorus is catchy… “I can feel your fever taking over me”. This song has won me over.

Although I was not a fan of the band’s previous album Scream Aim Fire, I am definitely interested in this release. Fever is a step up for the lads and demonstrates a new direction for the band, while keeping many of their previous successful elements. Fans of Trivium, Funeral For A Friend, Killswitch Engage and Motley Crue will enjoy this release.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Your Betrayal
02. Fever
03. The Last Fight
04. A Place Where You Belong
05. Pleasure and Pain
06. Alone
07. Breaking Out, Breaking Down
08. Bittersweet Memories
09. Dignity
10. Begging for Mercy
11. Pretty On the Outside

Run Time: 49:33
Release Date: 04.26.2010