Back in the day there was a hardcore punk band named Kilbourne that I used to listen to. They were from Alberta and were a tribute to hard rocking Canadians. In 2010 I learned that two of the members, Thérèse Lanz and Stefani MacKichan, had formed a new project named Mares of Thrace. I was eager to see what new direction they had taken. A listen on MySpace revealed they had followed their heavy sound and had gotten even heavier. This raised my excitement for their first release The Moulting to a whole new level.

Utilizing their past influences from both Kilbourne and touring partners, Thérèse Lanz and Stefani MacKichan put some hard work into creating an album beyond anything they had previously accomplished. Their new sound takes on more of a sludge metal approach which does slow down their pace, yet nothing is lost due to the creation of a bolder and heavier sound. They’ve also upped their game on the instrumentals resulting in more complex parts. I absolutely love the drumming on this record and all the fills Stefani throws in.

Every track on The Moulting is ecstatic. Not one song feels like last minute added filler. Each tune is unique in and of itself with each one ranking as the best; they’re all that good. Fans of Kilbourne, Mendozza, Jesus Mullet and Vilipend will like The Moulting. Watch out for Mares Of Thrace, they might hit your home town and pollute the area with behemoth sounding music.

Track Listing:

01. Harsh Tutelage Of The Waltzing Kodiak
02. Mandible
03. Rawcake
04. General Sherman
05. Perseid
06. Oatmeal and Pornography
07. Venison
08. Calcium Channels
09. The Arch
10. Opportunist

Run Time: 33:49
Release Date: 06.12.2010

Check out the song: “General Sherman”