The recent return of one of the grooviest rock n’ roll bands of the twenty-first century is a triumphant one indeed. If you have listened to Foxy Shazam before then you know that their music is infectious. Their newest self-titled release is absolutely amazing, arguably their best work to date. I found this album to have less rules in relation to rock, and to be more focused on the talents that make Foxy Shazam a more diverse, and satisfactory listen.

Foxy has proven themselves to stand their own ground in the industry as very skilled musicians, and performers. This album is an evolutionary step in a beautiful direction, Foxy bring what their loved for while continuing to experiment with their music.

There are not too many songs on the album that I am not crazy about, though my honourable mentions would go to the new single “Oh Lord”, and the track “Killin’ It.” These two songs give that classic Foxy Shazam feel that makes you start you groovin’.

One song that really stuck out for me was “Teenage Demon Baby”, this track got stuck in my head for about a week. It is quite interesting, almost a fifties greaser type feel.

I have not a bad word to speak about the most recent work by Foxy Shazam. The art seems a little morbid. But, the cover is almost a visual interpretation of Foxy’s music. I got exactly what I expected from the new Foxy Shazam, and that was an absolutely amazing little rock n’ roll album.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Bombs Away
03. Wanna Be Angel
04. Count Me Out
05. Unstoppable
06. Oh Lord
07. Bye Bye Symphony
08. Second Floor
09. Teenage Demon Baby
10. With An Axe
11. Evil Thoughts
12. Killin It
13. Connect Me
14. Some Kind Of Love
15. You and Me

Run Time: 53:45
Release Date: 04.13.2010