Recorded at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California on March 28th 2008, Warpaint Live is a fantastic performance by The Black Crowes. This is a bit different from what I was expecting because the DVD does not contain any of the bands big hits or popular songs that I was familiar with. I was pleasantly surprised though, because eve though I was not immediately able to sing along to the tunes I was incredibly impressed with this performance and the tunes overall from start to finish.

The moment the band took the stage, I found myself completely captivated. The stage set is fairly simple and unpretentious, really, it is just the band and some back up musicians. While I was not familiar with the tunes, they are all bluesy and soulful; what I have come to expect from The Black Crowes and they stayed true to the bands roots.

The incredible chemistry between this group of talented musicians translates well into the live setting; I found myself wishing I was there to experience this show. I can say that I dig every song on this DVD, in fact, the more I listen to them the more I like them. I have watched this twice through now and each time I found different nuances and subtleties that I think are just phenomenal; each one of these musicians has turned in top-notch performances.

I must also make note of the quality of the recording. This disc is pristine, so much so that when played on my bog screen television with the lights down, I almost felt as if I was there, minus the constantly burning incense of course.

I have long been a fan of The Black Crowes and even though I was not familiar with these songs, I found myself more than entertained with this DVD. I think fans of good music in general will find this disc very enjoyable.

Track Listing:

01. Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
02. Walk Believer Walk
03. Oh Josephine
04. Evergreen
05. We Who See The Deep
06. Locust Street
07. Movin’ On Down The Line
08. Wounded Bird
09. Gods Got It
10. There’s Gold In Them Hills
11. Whoa Mule
12. Poor Elijah/ Tribute To Johnson ( Medley)
13. Darling Of The Underground Press
14. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
15. Don’t Know Why
16. Torn And Frayed
17. Hey Grandma

Run Time: 103 minutes
Release Date: June 30, 2009

Check out the song: “Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution”