Destinity throw together a neck-snapping brand of metal and bring huge chops to the table. The music is both aggressive and catchy in good amounts and possesses a huge overall impact. Destinity are able to grab your interest and draw you in to their ideas. The sounds are quite crushing, but put under great control as they scathe across your senses and deliver that punishing blow of metal goodness. You get the sense that you’ve been sufficiently pummelled by the band, but enjoy what they’ve put you through immensely nonetheless. It’s rather exciting when a band is able to moderate their harsh musical ideas as effectively as Destinity are able to.

The music does have some small nuances in the form of keyboard portions, but it’s the huge riffs that take center stage overall. It’s hard to classify this group, but the odd melodies here and there may want you to place them within the melodic death metal genre; which seems appropriate enough. Nevertheless, they can be compared to the likes of Vehemence in the death metal field or Gojira in the progressive metal area. Destinity have the ability to mix up different shades of aggression making for a good variety of captivating music. One of the best tracks to be found on The Inside is the uplifting “Escaping Reality” which starts off more slowly and gradually increases in speed as it progresses.

Though the guitar work is fairly straightforward, it does have the ability to hit you hard. Likewise, the drumming complements the guitars nicely to fashion a solid instrumental grouping. The vocals of Mick are really deep and their unique tone keep your interest quite well, though are definitely at times overshadowed by the other musical elements of the band. Overall, The Inside is an excellent work that has an energetic vibe that permeates its every orifice. The album should be strongly recommended to those looking to have a lot of fun with their metal.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. My Senseless Theory
02. Murder Within
03. Thing I Will Never Feel
04. Still Remember
05. A Thousand Falling Skies
06. Inhuman Corrosive Report
07. Ready to Leave
08. Enemy Process
09. Escaping Reality
10. The Inside

Run Time: 47:28
Release Date: 06.24.2008