Before You Fled is a band that knows what they want and are determined to get it. Right now that’s a solid EP, getting signed to a label, a country-wide tour and a killer, ever-growing audience to go along with it all. And considering how far this Arizona band has come since they got together in 2008, all of that sounds completely within this band’s reach.

The band is still pretty new, so how has this first year or so been for you guys?
the Band: Ever since we have started this band, we have accomplished more than any of us have ever dreamed of. We have been fortunate enough to play with many of the bands that we look up to, and the opportunities that have been thrown our way have been legit. We’re just grateful to have made it this far!

What was everyone doing before you got together as Before You Fled?
Juan: Bear, Rafey and I had a band before this that never really took off with one of our other friends. The name of the band was called Say Goodbye, which we actually named one of our songs after.

Kris: I was in a few bands back in the day, none worth mentioning, and when those didn’t work out I just kept playing music until something came along.

Erik: I was also in a few bands before, never clicked with any of them until I met up with BYF.

What do you think it is about this band that makes it the one that’s worked out for everyone?
the Band: One major problem that we have had in other bands was communication. It’s definitely the key to making things work because if no one ever speaks their opinion to their band mates, then problems just add up and never get solved. We’ve always made it a point to hear each other out and talk to each other so we are all on the same page.

I read that you’re going to be writing some new material for an EP very soon, that is, if you haven’t started already. Where are you at with that right now?
Bear: We have almost all of the songs that are planned for the EP written. We are now putting the final touches on each of those songs and we’re looking to get in the studio very, very soon.

Do you have any goals as to how you want this upcoming EP to sound and translate once it’s finished?
Rafey: We are really looking to have the EP be our best recordings to date. We literally want to blow our previous material out of the water!

Juan: I want it not to suck….

Kris: I’m looking forward to making the EP as “big” and HEAVY as possible!!

Erik: I want it to show how we have progressed as musicians and as a band.

Bear: All of the above. Well, I really want the EP to be our best both musically and technically. Overall, I want the EP to be one SOLID record. Something that we are proud of and want to share with the world.

I’m going to pull from your bio now. It says, roughly, that your experience and desire will “lead to continued success and a break from the same old garbage for the true hardcore fan.” Can you talk about what that statement means to the band?
the Band: One thing that we have prided ourselves on is our hard work ethics, and that we all are on the same page to take this band to the next level. We’ve noticed that a lot bands either “take it easy” after they have gotten signed or they don’t work hard enough to get up to that point. We have also gone for a different sound than many of the other bands that have come out locally, which has led to a great “break away” from hearing similar “styles” over and over. And with that, it has led to nothing but good things coming our way.

I’ve been watching some of your live videos and it seems like you guys are all for putting on a proper show rather than just getting up there and playing. What’s the most important aspect of your live shows?
the Band: Honestly, the most important aspect for us is to HAVE FUN! But on the other hand, kids pay money to come see us and have a good time. If they wanted to just listen to music, they can listen to our CD. But we pride ourselves on getting up on that stage and giving those who have come out to watch, a good show to see! And we absolutely love crowd participation… MOSH!!

What’s the best thing you’ve experienced as a band so far?
Juan: Being able to share the stage with bands like August Burns Red and Parkway Drive has been an awesome experience. And I’ve also been glad to prove a lot of people wrong who have doubted me and the band along the way.

Rafey: Just being on stage and seeing kids getting into our music, and singing our lyrics has been legit! And also, playing with Haste The Day and Parkway Drive were two of my favorite shows.

Bear: The feeling of being on stage and watching kids simply get crazy and have a good time is a feeling that’s hard to match. Also, being able to share the stage with four of my best friends and play with bands that we have looked up to for years is unforgettable! Oh yeah, you can’t forget all the moshing, stage dives, and headwalks.

Erik: One of the best experiences I have had was getting the opportunity for us to share the stage with August Burns Red. They’re one of my favourite bands and it was one of the best nights of my life.

Kris: Basically adding four more wolves to my one man wolfpack. On a serious note, getting to share these experiences with my friends and kids responding positively to our music has been mind blowing.

What are the plans for the near future?
the Band: We are definitely focusing on finishing up our EP and finally hitting the studio so we can get some brand new material out. We plan on hopefully hitting the road soon, so we can share our music with new kids, and finally make it out for the fans that we have already gained in other states. And most importantly, we are also going to be pushing to get signed by a label and hit the road running. Be on the lookout for us soon. BYF IS TAKING OVER!  [ END ]