The Root of All Evil is Arch Enemy’s newest record and a nice collection of material at that. The songs are catchy and show the band playing at high energy throughout. The music seems to meld together nicely into a solid tempo that gets the blood flowing. Sweet sounding choruses and melodies are high on the Arch Enemy music template and the band certainly manages to craft out a style all to their own. The sort of addictive flair the band possesses is their biggest selling point – with songs that have mega crunch (though not necessarily the most depth in the world). This is most notable on tracks such as “Pilgrim” which grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

The tunes come across as a straight hit to the throat and though their may be the odd dull point, the album as a whole is quite strong. As always, the guitar playing is voracious and the singing hits unbelievable notes. Not to say that the rest of the music is average by any means, it just seems that these aforementioned elements tend to stick out on any Arch Enemy material. The band has a unqie sound and can not really be compared to other female-fronted acts.

Overall, this is a great way to get introduced to Arch Enemy’s material. Even if you’ve already heard much of it, then this is an excellent release to add to that collection. The Root of All Evil is a fairly solid work that boasts Arch Enemy’s wide range of styles and flair; all of which should simultaneously continue to retain old fans and bring in new ones.

Track Listing:

01. The Root of All Evil (Intro)
02. Beast of Man
03. The Immortal
04. Diva Satanica
05. Demonic Science
06. Bury Me An Angel
07. Dead Inside
08. Dark Insanity
09. Pilgrim
10. Demoniality (Instrumental)
11. Transmigration Macabre
12. Silverwing
13. Bridge of Destiny

Run Time: 52:22
Release Date: 09.28.2009