Something to Burn takes elements from different genres of music and combines them all quite well into what is their unique sound. The talented musicians have recently released their first album, Transitions, which is essentially a mix of rock, alternative and metal. Unlike Something to Burn, many new bands attempt this musical mosaic and fail miserably. The lead singer, Greg Wayne has very solid vocals and his voice nicely compliments their style of music. Also, it will probably drive female fans crazy. The band has a very cohesive sound which includes rolling drum beats and edgy guitars giving the whole album flow and form.

Predictably, the album starts off with two fast-paced and loud songs then goes to a more melodic and emotional slow tune. Like a typical rock album, this particular song is about heartache. All of the songs sound good together; the album was mixed very well and the tunes seem to transition nicely into one another. Some of the singles and standout tracks such as “Now and Forever” and “Start Again” are ones to add to your mp3 player for sure.

Something to Burn has a good sound, alas a somewhat forgettable name and songs. After hearing the album a few times I really started to like the group, but it did get monotonous after a while. Though Transitions is an album full of good tunes it still offers nothing spectacular. For the average music fan looking for straight-forward radio rock, this album is great. For many others, this will simply be something to burn.  [ END ]

Tracks Listing:

01. Now & Forever
02. Say Goodbye
03. Below
04. Start Again
05. Beyond
06. Lie to Me
07. The Change
08. Stories Better Left Untold
09. The Walls
10. Change

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: 09.15.2009