I found Snake Magnet extremely difficult, if not impossible to listen to. The first issue I have with the disc is the production. After being in the business for many years now, I have become fond of sonically tight records… this is not one of them. The garage band quality sound of Snake Magnet made it hard to push on through the whole CD. I found it grating and obnoxious. About the only thing I found more annoying than the production is the singer’s voice. His incessant, overdriven screaming gave me an unbelievable headache and really began to grate on my nerves. Sonically Snake Magnet is complete mess.

Musically the dissonant and off tempo rhythms did not sit well with me either. I found this to be a bit too avante garde and eclectic for my tastes (or most people’s for that mater). Call me a purist if you must but I believe good music should not only sound good, but also have some sort of cohesion to it. I do not feel Snake Magnet has either.

I truthfully did not enjoy this record in the slightest bit and I had to force myself to listen through it after which I felt as though I had too decompress and attempt to discern what I ad just heard. I am not sure what else to say about this disc. It is way too much for my liking and I cannot imagine that many others would find this enjoyable at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Leather Penny
02. Blood Of A Dove
03. Whet Yer Knives
04. The Stench Of Internal Fire
05. Good Graphics
06. What’s Yer Name Called
07. Sport
08. A Hint Of Rennit, Innit
09. Count To 9
10. Kong

Run Time: 50:34