Classic Rock with an updated more modern sensibility about it. That is the best way to describe the latest release from Metal Blade Recording artists Firebird. Upon placing this Grand Union into my player, I found myself immediately transported back in time three decades, to the early 70’s.

The one aspect of this disc that caught my attention right from the very first song is that there are numerous, at times lengthy, guitar solos that are extremely good and add a bit of a jam feel to them. They are not exaggerated or overstated rather they are tasteful and emotion-filled and feel as though they were laid down off the cuff in the moment. There are many good tunes on Grand Union including a few covers of songs from James Taylor (“Fool For You”) and Duster Bennet (“Worried Mind”) to Humble Pie (“Four Day Creep”).

While I feel every song on this record seriously kicks ass, there are a few where I had to hit rewind and listen again. The riff driven opener “Blue Flame” is one of those tunes. From the very first note it seeps into your soul and is so infectious, you cannot help but move to it. The other tune I really enjoyed is “Silent Stranger”.

Oddly enough, Firebird is the project of Bill Steer from Carcass and Napalm Death fame. It is interesting to see a completely different side to him, a polar opposite one at that! I have always been a sucker for good straight up Rock and Roll and I feel that Grand Union fits the bill perfectly. Check this one out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Blue Flame
02. Jack The Lad
03. Lonely Road
04. Fool For You
05. Silent Stranger
06. Release Me
07. Wild Honey
08. Gold Label
09. Worried Mind
10. See The Light
11. Four Day Creep
12. Caledonia

Run Time: 35:59