The Motorleague are a four piece band from New Brunswick, Canada. They are a hard rock band with plenty of power and speed to release to the world. The songs on this debut album, Black Noise, are catchy, melodic and best of all, fast. There are flashes of Papa Roach, Turbonegro and even a bit of Motorhead which will appeal to a lot of people.

There’s nothing special about this band. They keep it simple. You stick on the CD and within seconds you’ll find at least one part of your body moving along to beat. After a few listens through, you’ll find yourself humming along to the choruses and before long, you will start to really enjoy the album. As I say, it’s simple. Verse, chorus, verse etc. It’s straight out rock music. This is why The Motorleague will appeal to the overall mass of rock fans. It’s hard enough for the mosher and it’s catchy enough for the mainstream followers.

Obviously, being simple has its limitations. The songs are very similar and although the lyrics do have a great deal of substance about them, the music doesn’t really have a hope in becoming anything more than ‘really good’. More diversity is needed. However, whether the Motorleague can produce this with further releases will be interesting to find out.

I should probably be a little more lenient. After all, they’ve only been together since 2006. The music is great and quite clearly these guys are genuine music fans themselves. However, Black Noise lacks the appeal that it needs to bring you back in 5 years time, to put the CD back on again. Obviously the guys still have plenty of time to improve, but so far so good.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Big Times
02. Fossils
03. You Wear Me Down
04. Asleep At The Wheel
05. Let It Go
06. Series Vs. Parallel
07. The One’s You’ve Left Behind
08. No Rest
09. Face Time Tith The Boss
10. Hymn For The Newly Departed

Run Time: 27:29
Release Date: 05.19.2009