Papa Roach are back again! Their sixth album Metamorphosis promises to be a fairly successful album with single “Hollywood Whore” blasting through radio airwaves across the world as we speak. It seems a long time ago that we saw Papa Roach achieving commercial breakthrough with their second album Infest and it has to be said that since then, they have developed into a completely different band.

Infest was a nu metal album but Papa Roach weren’t happy and they sought an alternative rock sound in follow up Lovehatetragedy. However after the release of fourth album Getting Away With Murder and dropping album sales, Papa Roach aimed to revert back to their nu metal sound again for their last album The Paramour Sessions. However, the album only sold over 400,000 copies which is the lowest selling album since their debut.

So, you may ask, what’s changed now? Well, Metamorphosis is definitely the album where the nu metal sound is completely killed off. There is no doubt that Papa Roach are a simple alternative rock band now. So now you may be thinking, how good is this album? In all truthfulness the album is great. There are some songs that will definitely be on repeat time and time again this year. Upon purchase, if you aren’t hooked onto “Change Or Die” and “State Of Emergency” then you need your ears cleaned out! These songs are great and “Change Or Die” should be released as a single as it’s just brilliant. Papa Roach’s failure to make it a single could really cost them a lot of album sales. It’s probably the catchiest commercial hard rock song you’ll have heard this year.

However, everything isn’t quite a promising as first made out. Lead single “Hollywood Whore” is a very poor song. The lyrics are really predictable and there are too many songs in the rock world sung along the same lines. Unfortunately it’s a very skipable track and is a massive failure by the label to allow this to be released as a single. To be fair, it’s probably the weakest track in what is a very strong album. Overall it’s very hard rocking and catchy. While it doesn’t reach the heights of Infest, Metamorphosis is an album of “change” that definitely should be on your ‘to listen to’ list.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Days Of War
02. Change Or Die
03. Hollywood Whore
04. I Almost Told You That I Loved You
05. Lifeline
06. Had Enough
07. Live This Down
08. March Out Of The Darkness
09. Into The Light
10. Carry Me
11. Nights Of Love
12. State Of Emergency

Run Time: 46:13
Release Date: 03.24.2009