Take Your Pick is a five song EP from the band Jack Of Speed and is listener-friendly mix of Classic rock and roll tunes sprinkled with a healthy dose of Irish folk music. The combination of catchy hooks and impressive melodies give Take Your Pick great live potential. Fans will be drawn in and will not be able to keep themselves from moving to the groove laden songs, because even though these are rock songs at the core, there is enough groove to them that they could easily be danced to.

These are fun songs in the vein of Hootie and The Blowfish meets Dire Straights meets the Gin Blossoms. They cover a lot of musical ground in a short amount of time, but they do it well. Even though the songs on here are not really groundbreaking or genre defining, they are very approachable. The whole EP lends itself as the perfect soundtrack for a night out with the boys just add some beers or your drink of choice, crank some Jack Of Speed, then kick back and have a good time while playing poker or shooting the shit with the guys.

Take Your Pick offers nothing more than a good time and some fun-loving tunes. Check them out; this band has potential.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Chasing Alibis
02. Basics For Happiness
03. Without The Crowd
04. Fallout
05. Split Decisions

Run Time: 21:13