The newest release from the hard rock band Staind, The Illusion Of Progress is a solid effort from a solid band. There are no real surprises on this CD; this is typical Staind material… lots of radio-friendly tunes highlighted by big choruses. As can be expected, the band continues with their trademark style that has made them one of the most popular bands in rock/metal today. Nothing new here in that regard as The Illusion Of Progress album saw and still sees tons of airplay (especially with the single “Believe”) on many of the contemporary rock stations across the country.

As with previous Staind releases, vocalist Aaron Lewis is highly emotive and passionate with his delivery. This has been one of the aspects that has always separated the band from the rest of the modern rock herd. His lyrics are pensive, reflective and highly personal often dealing with traumatic events. The pleading, the pain and the blatant anger are all here and in full effect. This is especially apparent on the tune “The Corner” were Lewis sings, “It sheltered me from nothing but the weather/But I called it home for a moment of my life/This place I see just doesn’t look familiar.”

Songs that I particularly liked are “Raining Again” and the closing track “Nothing Left To Say.” Both of which seem to be the harder tunes on the album.

For fans of Staind, and there are millions, this will be a welcomed addition to their collection. For new fans, this is a good starting point for those that want to learn about this very talented band.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. This Is It
02. The Way I Am
03. Believe
04. Save Me
05. All I Want
06. Pardon Me
07. Lost Along The Way
08. Break Away
09. Tangled Up In You
10. Raining Again
11. Rainy Day Parade
12. The Corner
13. Nothing Left To Say

Run Time: 57:02