The Texas based punk band Fight Before Surrender embodies punk in the truest sense of the word. Unrefined, gritty and anthemic with big Mohawks to boot, these guys are serious about their music and it shows. Musically, the disc is a succession of well-crafted, hard-hitting punk tunes with influences ranging from the GBH and the Exploited to Motorhead and the Misfits. Fight Before Surrender have effectively melded all of these influences into a sound all their own. The tracks are fast yet tremendously hook-laden and appealing and in no time at all you will find yourself singing along to tunes such as “Fight Before Surrender,” “Brainwashed” and “Nothing’s Changed.”

Thematically however Fight Before Surrender offer up a bit of a twist as they are a decidedly Christian band. This is evident in the song “You Can’t Hide” in which the vocalist belts out the following lyrics, “You’re a coward avoiding the truth/Failure, what is the use/When will you realize you can’t do this all alone/He keeps on knocking but no one is home.”

I particularly liked the tune “Broken Dreams, Broken Bones,” which is a high-speed ton of fun tune that in a live setting more than likely gets the crowd fired up and banging into each other from the very first note. The last tune on the disc is quite good as well. It is an acoustic number that is a bit more sedated than the rest of the disc and I feel it highlights the songwriting and musicianship of the band.

If you are a fan of TRUE punk, do not let the lyrical content put you off of these guys. This is a good disc and I believe you will dig it.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Fight Before Surrender
02. You Can’t Hide
03. Faster Than Before
04. Out Of Control
05. Last Man Standing
06. Brainwashed
07. Nothing’s Changed
08. Never Saw It Coming
09. Broken Dreams, Broken Bones
10. Guilty As Charged
11. Hope For The Rejected

Run Time: 24:52