Anthem For The Underdog is the third release for Louisiana based post-grunge band 12 Stones. Released in 2007 on Wind-Up Records this CD has a more mature feel to it. Anthem For An Underdog is not a complete break from their previous two releases; everything we have come to expect from these guys is in here, powerful vocals and great melodies combined with deeply personal introspective lyrics that resonate long after the songs are over. Universal themes such as drug addiction and withdrawal as in the song “This Dark Day” and failed relationships as in the song “Arms Of A Stranger” are all issues that are real and easy to relate to.

When I first listened to this disc, I thought it was just another release in an overcrowded genre, but after a second listen, I realized that there is a lot going on in the songs and this is truly a very good disc. I was reminded of bands such as Creed and Alterbridge and it is no wonder because both of these bands have shared the same stage and the same label with 12 Stones over the past few years.

While Anthem For The Underdog is not genre defining, it does fit comfortably within its confines and should not only garner the band tons of radio support but also a wealth of new fans as well.

Given the success of the previous mentioned bands, it seems odd to me that 12 Stones has not seen larger amount of success themselves already. I really liked this disc; it is well-produced, well-written and overall enjoyable to listen to.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Anthem For The Underdog
02. Lie To Me
03. Broken Road
04. Adrenaline
05. It Was You
06. This Dark Day
07. World So Cold
08. Arms Of Strangers
09. Hey Love
10. Games You Play
11. Lie To Me ( Acoustic)

Run Time: 38:53