As with almost every Punk band, a theme of anti-American government is blatantly displayed on the cover of State of Discontent. A blindfolded eagle which appears to be falling from the sky with bullets displayed on a red background. Awesome! Love the artwork! And I love this album!

The 14 tracks we’re blasting as I did the dishes in my west-end apartment. Yeah, I wanted to smash the plates but that would’ve been a bad idea. The album is just straight up Punk Rock and will appeal to even the most narrow-minded pop-punk lovers and emo kids, I’m sure of it. Mark Unseen’s vocals are killer and the disc is packed with catchy riffs and a wicked cover of the classic “Paint It Black” by none other then the Rolling Stones. Seriously, this is a great cover, and takes the original anti-war theme which is more then applicable today. Though they did cut out a few lines it’s still a wicked track.

There’s no mystery as to what the lyrics consist of, it’s a Punk band; young, rebellious and angry. I definitely recommend this album for any fan of Punk and all its sub-genres. Check it out and you won’t regret it; you’ll be cranking your speakers and setting your music player of choice to repeat.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. On The Other Side
02. Scream Out
03. The End Is Near
04. Weapons of Mass Deception
05. You Can Never Go Home
06. Dead Weight Falls
07. Force Fed
08. Social Damage
09. Waste Of Time
10. Hit And Run
11. We Are All That We Have
12. Flames Have Destroyed
13. Final Execution (Armageddon)
14. Paint It Black

Run Time: 31:54