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Album Review


Heating Up EP (10.28.2008)



I have a message for anyone out there that has better connections with mainstream radio then I do, get this CD in the hands of the Music Coordinator and put these guys on the radio! The songs on this album are so catchy it’s ridiculous and Tommy, your voice is killer!

For fans of Teeter who have known their music for even just a few months, you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a newer version of their hit “Kiss Me And Kill Me After” and personally, I like it way better… though I loved the original recording too. My favourite song on this album is “Crystal Clear” and once you purchase this new EP you’ll see why.

You’ll notice I inferred that you will be making a purchase of this album in the coming days. Well that’s because you should, whether you’re eclectic in your tastes like me or just a fan of pop punk, you will love all 6 tracks on this hot record.

Unfortunately, I missed the release show but still did manage to get a hold of some footage from the show and interviews with fans at said concert. Let me tell you, everyone was stoked on the release; everyone in the packed room was jumping and singing along and you will be too. Heating Up is the CD to buy your loved ones for your Winter Holiday of choice… it will provide said loved ones with the catchy and sing-along-able tunes they will need to overcome the overplayed music of the Holiday season. And as an added bonus, you can continue to enjoy the disc in its entirety until CDs are made obsolete by an unforeseen media which has yet to be invented.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Standing At Your Window
02. Again And Again
03. Kiss Me And Kill Me After
04. Crystal Clear
05. Stupid Kids
06. Tell Me Why

Run Time: 21:15