Deathcore pioneers, Bring Me The Horizon, are back with a second full-length album that is ready to shake the core of the planet. The genre has seen its rise in a quick 5 or 6 years and as with similar trends is already beginning to die down. Luckily, this rad group have evolved the genre, and may have just saved it from a crashing downfall altogether. Oli Sykes himself stated that they changed the style of their music because of the rapid growth of the genre. I guess they want to continue to evolve the face of metal, and they do so with incredible valour all the while staying away from the mainstream.

For years now, many of the best metal bands have always hailed from Europe or the UK. BMTH is no exception to this rule. The band hails from Yorkshire, and the brutality of metal is very much prevalent throughout the majority of their material. Just take the track “Sleep With One Eye Open” for example; bone crushing drumming, impeccable guitar patterns, and jaw-clenching vocals. The intro made me giddy with anticipation. I could feel the build-up to something incredible, and once the build-up was nearing an end, all went quiet… until Oli screams “FUCK YOU!”. Not a bad start, I might say!

My personal favourite on the album is “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, and I believe it’s safe for me to say that the majority of BMTH fans will agree with me. “We will never sleep, ‘cause sleeping’s for the weak/And we will never rest, ‘til we’re all fucking dead” is now the BMTH fan anthem. When the band plays this tune live, the crowd goes insane, chanting every word, as if it’s a biblical testament.

Another tremendous tune is “No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors”. Just the title alone is awe-inspiring. It kicks off with elevator-style music, or some people might even call it “porno” music. Once that’s through, the deathcore is unleashed! It’s an incredibly short track, but it’s enough to get the adrenaline pumping. This is by far the best album of 2008. I’m sure the band will progress to another level with their next release, which better be fucking soon! Don’t forget, Suicide Season is now.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Comedown
02. Chelsea Smile
03. It Was Written In Blood
04. Death Breath
05. Football Season Is Over
06. Sleep With One Eye Open
07. Diamonds Aren’t Forever
08. The Sadness Will Never End
09. No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors
10. Suicide Season

Run Time: 42:03