As of late, the progressive deathcore scene has been rapidly growing. Bands such as Beneath the Massacre, Bring Me The Horizon, and Job For A Cowboy have been emerging from the shadows, bearing the scythe of Death himself. Elite of these deathcore bands is Veil of Maya. The Common Man’s Collapse, the group’s latest effort, bears the tools necessary to implode the mind of Satan, or even God. Now, onto the album.

The record starts off with “Wounds”, which is just an intro track… and ominous opening for the album. The entire song possesses the sort of tune usually present in any decent deathcore band; simple but solid! From there the track busts into “Crawl Back”. From the very beginning I was reminded of a stronger version of the way The Black Dahlia Murder does things. After about a minute, the vocals change a bit, and the breakdown takes over. Any deathcore fan understands the brutality of these breakdowns, considering words can’t express how mind-blowing they are.

In my personal opinion, the best track on the disc is “We Bow In It’s Aura”. A fair bit of the song has a mathcore style breakdown with technical leads in between each spur of palm mutes, creating a world inside a guitar riff. The intensity of the tune forced me to lose track of time; it did not feel like three minutes and forty-eight seconds start to finish. What can I say… Amazing tracks induce trances.

The entire album can induce a trance actually. No, no. Better yet. A fucking coma (if listened to too often). The only complaint I have about this album is it wasn’t loud enough!  [ END ]

Track listing:

01. Wounds
02. Crawl Back
03. Mark the Lines
04. It’s Not Safe to Swim Today
05. Entry Level Exit Wounds
06. Pillars
07. We Bow In It’s Aura
08. All Eyes Look Ahead
09. Sever The Voice
10. It’s Torn Away

Run Time: 33:08
Release Date: 04.01.2008