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Album Review

A Different Breed of Killer

I, Collossus (04.29.2008)



These days it seems like a lot of solid bands are coming out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Bands such as Whitechapel and the one in question, A Different Breed of Killer… ironically enough, they are currently on tour together.

Now I have known A Different Breed Of Killer for a year now and still remember when I first heard the their old demo “The Accidentist.” I made it my ring tone, and knew this band was going to get signed very shortly. Sure enough, Rise Records snagged them up soon thereafter.

I, Colossus is the band’s new disc and Metal is their game. Now many people will judge a band based on their name… that’s not the case with ADBOK. When you hear a band named “ A Different Breed Of Killer” you assume it’s going to be Death Metal… the stuff with Bre Bre Pig Squeals where you can’t even make out what there saying.

But ADBOK are a mix of very technical and melodic metal. Now, alright I’ll admit it, it’s nothing new, and there are a few bands like this already, but ADBOK is simply taking what metal fans enjoy and making it better and kicking it up a notch. They ride the bandwagon, than push everyone off and raise the bar for other metal bands. I mean sometimes the best idea is just to improve upon an existing one!

A song that really stood out for me is “The Accidentist” (re-mastered version) which boasts some nice melodic features and some sick gang vocals (I know I’m a sucker for good gang vocals too). My personal favorite track on the whole album has to be “The Glorious Fall”. This 7 minute song sounds like little clips and snippets of some of my favorite metal bands like Arise And Ruin, Born Of Osiris, Carnifex, The Faceless, and Whitechapel. Plus it has the most epic/melodic ending I have heard in a while.


Gang vocals, highs and lows of vocal chord shredding screams, sweeping/melodic guitars, brutal yet catchy breakdowns, sweeping bass solos, amazing drumming and overall a very tight sound. If this isn’t enough, then let me just say I can tell A Different Breed Of Killer have EVEN more up there sleeves and are a band you should keep a keen eye on! I, Colossus is a solid CD and if you’re a fan of any of those bands I mentioned above, you won’t be let down.

9 Sunken Ships Out Of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Dawning
02. Liberation Of A Giant
03. The Accidentist
04. I, Colossus
05. Autonomy
06. Omega
07. Dismantle The Architect [The Meeting}
08. The Cleansing Apparatus
09. The Glorious Fall
10. Aural Apocalypse

Run Time: ??:??