Raw, rough around the edges and gutsy, the way I believe metal should be. That is the best way to describe the self-titled release from Poets & Pornstars. This CD reminded me of some of the guitar-driven bands that came out of the LA scene in the late 80’s when glam metal was beginning to die out. Every song has that gritty, unapologetic feel to it but still maintains a good amount of hook-laden choruses with a whole lot of melody to keep you singing along. This is Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be; no pretenses and no bullshit. Poets & Pornstars play their asses off and have written some damn good music in the process.

Stylistically, Poets & Pornstars have not necessarily created anything new and groundbreaking, but what they have put together is a series of tunes that is more than enjoyable to listen to and definitely rocks the house. Songs worth notable mention are the opener “Rock and Roll,” “My Devil’s Song (SEXWINEWOMANSONGSUGARMAGICMONEY)” and the final track “Earthman,” all of which are so good I am having trouble deciding which one of I like the best; they all really kick.

Bottom line, Poets & Pornstars is a good record from a damn good band that we are sure to hear a lot more from in the very near future.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Rock And Roll
02. Get Your Kicks
03. Strange
05. In The Dark
06. War On Gravity
07. Monkey
08. Partners In Crime
09. Spy VS. Spy
10. Earthman
11. I can Feel It

Run Time: 45:20