I received this disc and upon looking the cover over I must say I was a bit leery and more than a little afraid of what I was going to find when I popped it in the player. The cover is adorned with a couple of school girls in various stages of undress engaged in a full on mouth kiss while a third girl sits by watching. Add to that a pseudo Surgeon General Warning informing the listener that the new CD Snitches Get Stitches might cause all sorts of physical ailments including but not limited to, involuntary seizures, anal leakage, blurry vision, chlamydia and irritable bowel syndrome. With that kind of caveat you can could understand why I was a bit hesitant.

Man am I glad I did not let my first impression stop me from giving this CD a shot; I would have missed a real good disc. Musically, the disc is a series of well-crafted, hard-hitting rock tunes that, quite frankly, blew my doors off. I was vaguely reminded of a cross between Love Hate, The Cult and possibly Tantric. Lyrically these guys are extremely graphic and not for the timid, especially in songs such as “Coke Whore”, “Pull It Out “and “Barfly.”

Honestly, if you can get by the hardcore lyrics, this disc freaking rocks. I absolutely love what Rahway has done here. Lots of grooves and just some straight up rock and roll with a bit of swagger and attitude. Something I think has been missing from the scene for a long time.

Tracks that are favorites of mine include, the “Machine”, “Broken Disease”, and the aforementioned “Coke Whore,” a song that gets in your head and before you know it you will be singing the chorus out loud, just make sure you are alone or you might embarrass yourself when the person next to you hears you singing “she’s my little whore/She’s my little coke whore”; it could prove to be a bit awkward.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Machine
02. Pull It Out
03. Highway
04. Different From The Norm
05. Broken Disease
06. 9/16
07. Cherry Bomb
08. Barfly
09. Coke Whore
10. Draggin Fire
11. I can Feel It
12. Silhouette City

Run Time: 43:37