Taproot’s newest release Our Long Road Home is a totally natural progression from their previous releases. The disc seems to be more focused, more melodic and a bit heavier than anything the band has written before, and is a sort of non-stop ride that is a culmination of their musical talent.

Taproot showcase their versatility on Our Long Road Home by alternating between some straight up, almost industrial rockers, like “Take It” and “Footprints” to songs that drip with emotion such as “As One” and the ethereal tune “Run To,” a song that is beautiful and poignant and very much classic Taproot; it draws the listener into the song making the sentiment almost palpable. Don’t get the wrong idea though; this is not an emo record by any means. This is a very solid alt rock/industrial release that is sure to please long time fans as well as those new to the Taproot camp.

The production is phenomenal and the songs are very well constructed making evident the maturation process of the band as a whole. Some of the best tracks for me were “Hand that Holds True” and the heavy yet still melodic “Footprints.” Also notable was the aforementioned “Take It” and “It’s Natural”.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this album! I think it would be a worthy addition to any CD collection. I know one thing for sure; Taproot has constructed a very solid release that is guaranteed to be played over and over again in my car stereo.

Track Listing:

01. Path Less Taken
02. Wherever I Stand
03. Be The 1
04. Hand That Holds True
05. Take It
06. It’s Natural
07. As One
08. You’re Not Home Tonight
09. Stethoscope
10. Run To
11. Karmaway
12. Footprints

Run Time: 41:24
Release Date: September 16, 2008