When listening to Volbeat, I feel as if I am a father who needs to discipline his misbehaving child. I am unsure whether or not to give them a spanking or to simply use my words to punish them. It’s a very difficult decision whether or not to punish them for Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil.

The album has minimal positive aspects. The instrumentation is mind trapping. I actually tried to focus most of my attention on the heavy guitar riffs and exhilarating drum beats so that I wouldn’t pay any mind to anything else. The band itself does have plenty of talent which is what makes me a somewhat proud father figure (not to say that I am in any way a father to this band).

Now to mention some things I disliked about the album. Michael Poulson (vocalist) would without a doubt be placed in my top ten list. He would get the honour of being one of the top ten worst vocalists I have heard in my lifetime. In all honesty, when I hear his voice it reminds me of William Hung (American Idol contestant). That is how terrible I believe this man’s singing ability to be. Also, the album artwork isn’t all that great. It is a zoomed in image of a record playing on a turn table, no ooohs and ahhs out of me on that one!

Basically, this album has some positives and some negatives. If you are into bands that sound less professional then most main stream bands I would recommend picking up this album. If you love extremely professional music then I would recommend avoiding Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Human Instrument
02. Mr. & Mrs. Ness
03. The Garden’s Tale
04. Devil Or The Blue Cat’s Song
05. Sad Man’s Tongue
06. River Queen
07. Radio Girl
08. A Moment Forever
09. Soulweeper
10. You Or Them
11. Boa (JDM)

Run Time: 42:38