Another great southern rock band has wandered onto my radar. The American Plague bring a sound that is fairly different to your typical southern rock act. They aren’t the traditional home-felt music that you would hear from most southern rockers. Listening to this CD, I noticed some traces of punk/rock in their music!

This is one three-piece band with a hell of a punch. Led by their talented frontman and guitarist James “Jaw” Alexander, the path to ultimate success seems inevitable. On June 11th, they had the privilege to open for who I believe to be the greatest and most respected band of all time, Led Zeppelin! Opening for Led Zeppelin would probably be one of the best rushes that anyone could ever possibly have, sort of like sniffing cocaine, shot-gunning a red bull, and downing a bottle of vodka within 2 minutes.

Dave Dammit has to be one of the best bassists I have heard in a long time. Dammit he is amazing! He brings the punk/rock presence to the band with his quick filling riffs. He reminds me of Matt Freeman (Rancid) who in my opinion just might be the best bass player to have ever graced our green earth (well what was a green earth at least). Dave deserves major kudos for his accomplishments as a bassist!

The best track on the record is the third track “Heart Attack.” The introductory guitar riff is exciting and would catch just about anybody’s attention. Jaw’s vocals are what we as fans have come to expect from southern rockers, heart-felt and outstanding. This track is actually what attracted me to Dave’s skills on the bass. He plays some stellar filling riffs to help out James while he sings his heart and soul out.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this album. All in all it’s excellent and I’m glad I had the opportunity to review it!  [ END ]


01. Something Epic
02. Made In The Shade
03. Heart Attack
04. Animal Mother
05. Servant’s Day
06. Let It Roll
07. Far & Away
08. I Can Relate
09. Big Return
10. The Hard Way
11. Last Drop

Run Time: 38:39