Some bands have heavy influences that you can easily detect, and Urbansnake happens to be a guilty party. It’s easy for the average ear to pick up Black Sabbath-influenced rhythm guitar or Metallica-inspired brain-busting guitar solos; I can even hear a hint of Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell in the vocals. Throw all of these influences into a pot and you’ll get one hell of a creation!

“Blow Shit Up” really caught my attention. The introduction is simple yet binding—it’s amazing how much two men can do with a couple guitars. Not only is the introduction gripping, but the drums are excellent too! The beat is constantly interesting throughout the track, which made me feel like I should pick up a drum set myself and bust some beats of my own!

The album art on Whiteknuckle is very unique. It shows a child who is topless and seems to have lost his mind. His arms are not in one particular spot but are flailing randomly about. It is slightly creepy, like a horror flick in the making.

Whiteknuckle isn’t a horrible album; it is something worth listening to. The members certainly all have talent and I hope to see some more material from these fellows.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Energy
02. Orphan
03. Alive and Lonely
04. Lines
05. Whiteknuckle
06. Blow Shit Up
07. Crawl Into Your Bones
08. Kill Your Master
09. Eight Feet Tall Six Feet Wide
10. Bulldozer
11. Hardly Real
12. Rise (Bonus Track)
13. Born (Bonus Track)

Run Time: 42:23