The new record by Every New Day is simply put, fucking hype! This amazing work of art goes by the name Even In The Darkest Places and what’s even better is that this hot new group hails from Canada. This is a group, who although very new, is getting noticed very fast. Even more so since they teamed up with Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based label Hand Of Hope Records.

This CD has some amazing moments and the fact that this is a three piece band makes it that much better in my eyes. These guys start the album off with a killer track called “Best Defenses.” This song is so fucking sick; it’s fast and punchy at the start, then when the vocals come in the band Thrice comes to mind… a way more improved Thrice mind you. It’s way catchier and has more balls in the rhythm department; not in just this one song either… the whole CD!

This disc is almost like a mix of Melodic Metalcore and Hardcore. The songs are all catchy as heck and are all the perfect length of time. A band like this will go far in my eyes, especially if they keep playing music of this caliber. Although early in their career, they have all the right talent to keep growing as a band. This will definitely be a band to watch, even more so if the promotion is done right!

The overall sound of the record is very well done and the band has amazing timing. The vocals of Murray Campbell are fucking stellar and they stand out so much from the music (in a good way). The dudes pitch is perfect and dead on with the timing… a truly great vocalist. By the sounds of it, I would also believe it was done all in one take at the studio.

The drums are tighter than a dolphin’s ass and that double bass is fucking Mmm, mmm, good! The fills between transitions are done perfectly… no rims with Matt Colonval. It’s all skin bitches! This guy really is the back bone to the band’s timing and can hold some really good beats during the process. And at the end of this list of instruments, we have bass lines by Scott Campbell… which are also very magic like and smooth.

Think of this… you’re at Wendy’s with a Chick eating 5 junior bacon cheeseburgers and Scott Campbell pops up with his bass and says, “Here’s the deal. I’ll play ya one of my band’s songs for a JBC!” What do you think I’d say to that? I’ll tell ya what I’d say. I’d say, “Scott Campbell please play “Best Defenses” and not only will I give you my burger I’ll give you the 5 on the bitches plate and only keep two for myself.”

The sound that this band possesses is off the walls. It’s so fucking punchy, but not overly done on the mix of this recording. I liked this CD so much that when Every New Day come to Toronto I’m definitely checking them out (and gonna own the pit)! HAHA. I give this guys 9.3 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Best Defenses
02. Transparency
03. Rise Up
04. Colder
05. Silent Streets
06. See You Again
07. Eye To Eye
08. Mark This Day
09. Tomorrow
10. Demons Among Us
11. Walk Alone

Run Time: 44:07