As most people already know, a tremendous amount of the greatest Metal bands hail from Europe. Neaera is yet another band to fall under this category of fantastic European groups. The quintet is from the country of Germany, a place which has given us bands the likes of Rammstein and Caliban. The band formed back in 2003, as The Ninth Gate. The line-up for this Metalcore band is Benny Killeke (vocals), Tobias Buck (guitar), Stefan Keller (guitar), Sebastian Heldi (drums), and Benjamin Donath (bass).

First up on the album is “Mechanisms of Standstill.” When the track first started playing, I was blown away at how perfect the timing was. Also, the vocal style suit’s the instrumental perfectly; Benny’s vocals actually somewhat remind me of Trevor Strnad’s vocals of The Black Dahlia Murder.

“Heavenhell” would be the fifth track on the disc, opening up with a slow, rhythmic guitar riff. Once all the instruments are in full swing, the track has a melodic feel to it, entrancing the listeners, luring them face first into a dream. Throughout the entire track, I felt as if in a trance. The only thing that kept snapping me back to reality was Benny’s brutal vocals.

Lastly on the album would be “Scars of Grey.” Grey is supposed to be a dark, morbid colour, usually making people feel dead inside, and that is exactly what the mood for “Scars of Grey” is like. The lyrics are depressing, describing the fall of an entire nation, a society as a whole.

To conclude this masterpiece, I would have to highly recommend this album. It has perfect timing, catchy riffs, and the intensity that Metal needs to survive. I give this album a 9.4/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Mechanisms of Standstill
02. Let The Tempest Come
03. Plagueheritage
04. God-Forsaken Soil
05. Heavenhell
06. Desecrators
07. The Crimson Void
08. I Love The World
09. Paradigm Lost
10. Life Damages The Living
11. Scars of Grey

Run Time: 50:30