Let me start off by saying, that I haven’t had a more satisfying intro than the one off this record, along side the intro to the first track off the record “The Diary of Jane.” Speaking of which, why the hell haven’t I heard this on the radio? Well radio across the nations… I think it’s compelling and catchy enough and mostly because the lyrics are great, so what’s up with that?

The album picks up right where their last one We Are Not Alone left off. When hearing a new band for the first time, I suggest you pick up their older stuff before really getting into the new stuff, and see how awesomely the band progresses. The album is off the hook, literally.

The whole band is a whopping of talent. From skilled metalite guitarist Aaron Fink to bassist Mark James, and new drummer Chad Szeliga, combined with the vocals of Ben Burnley, the talent is obvious and overwhelming.

This album truly is a modern rock album. All the elements are there from their guitar chords to their production…. truly modern rock. It may sound “soft” to some, but it is still a rock album, screaming doesn’t make it rock, capisce? It’s got attitude with the melodies of a rock album… yeah try and figure that one out.

Vocalist Ben Burnley can deliver a tune with such emotion, and crispness that its’ almost hard not to be compelled. This is an album that won’t get old anytime soon. Unlike the past, this album more chill, in regards to the lyrics the yelling and what not, what you hear is simply, one of rock’s greatest singing voices.

I don’t want to spoil anything but Dropping Daylight’s Sebastian Davin makes an appearance on a certain hidden track….

8 guitar riffs out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. The Diary of Jane
03. Breath
04. You
05. Evil Angel
06. Until the End
07. Dance with the Devil
08. Topless
09. Here We Are
10. Unknown Soldier
11. Had Enough
12. You Fight Me
13. Outro

Run Time: ??:??