California Poppy is California band OPM’s third full-length album and is easily the most raw and live sounding of the three. The album was produced by john e, at OPM’s studio located in the heart of Hollywood. They produced this record in a fashionable order (drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals) compared to their last two records; it’s fucking night and day for sure. California Poppy is a record that takes OPM back to their roots, but also highlights the new side of things. The band takes pride in what has influenced their lifestyles and this is evident if you listen to even just a few of their new songs.

Other local artists like Sublime, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, No Doubt and NWA have had a huge impact on their sound. This chilled out music is just a very melodic musical interpretation of their real life styles… but isn’t any band’s music? I think this CD is great… all the tunes sound awesome for sure. The boys have done a stellar job on California Poppy and from all of the songs I’ve heard, I would have to say that I really enjoy listening to these dudes when I’m stoned (please note that PGA does not condone the use of Marijuana, but we strongly encourage it!).

The overall sound of this band is straight up chillin’ out music to the tits! Put on the song “For Tonight,” open you beer, light your joint, and then when the joint’s done put on song number nine “Leave ’em for Dead.” The latter track is a song that will have you grovin’ the whole time. The drums sound very tingy, which would normally sound horrible, but in this case they’re damn decent. OPM, I think, brings out more colour and more flavour then many other groups and this in turn makes their music seem even catchier.

The CDs’ over all sound is decent; some stuff might be a bit corny, but not over done or anything. The samples are iffy and in some parts they seem too random, but I guess that’s just how the guys were felling at the time. Everyone feels random at times, so if you’re a random person yourself, then pick this CD up and give OPM a chance… you will probably dig it.

The album also features: Daddy X from the Kottonmouth Kings, Yellowman, Kaleo from Pepper, and Jim from Dumbluck. Overall the CD is pretty fuckin’ rad though, so I’m gonna have to give these guys 8 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Eternity
02. Lion’s Pride
03. Rock Me Slow
04. That’s The Sound
05. Somewhere (Further Than The Valley)
06. Desire
07. Right Now
08. Born Again Virgin
09. Classy Lady
10. Love Don’t
11. Leave Them For Dead

Run Time: 51:15