Formed late in the year of 2004, Fermata from Ventura, CA has already become a major part of the rock scene. Drawing from many musical styles, the group has formed a unique but true to the ear sound and The Whisky, Roxy, and The Key club have all become homes for these rockers. Fermata’s debut release, Vessel is a six song EP that includes the talents of Mark Renk, Fred Archibault, and Joe Gastwirt on the production side of things.

This first EP is going to do well I think… the band already has a kick-ass fan base in California and are playing shows like mad. Furthermore, they always pack the places they’re playing and treat their fans with lots of respect. This twenty one minute EP is packed with six smoking tracks that will leave you with nothing but the desire to hit play again right after it’s done. The sound is new and that’s what we need in music today seeing as most bands coming out sound like other bands. I can’t name anything that sounds like Fermata, so for me that’s a huge plus. I have listened to this CD four times already today and am still impressed with it.

Tracks like “Frustrated” and “As For Dreams” are probably my favorites on this CD; they are both very raw and energetic. The overall sound of the band is also amazing. The way they got their sound is almost jaw-dropping and if you’re a fan of rock music, this is probably a band you would for sure like to check out. We need more bands like this to make the music today worth listening to. You can check out their tour dates on their label’s website if you’re interested in seeing them live.

The overall sound they got on this EP is sick. The guitar tones are so crunchy and in your face, the drummer is ridiculously good, and the bass is so powerful it will crack the foundation of your house in seconds if you crank this CD. The singer has one of the best rock voices I have heard in a long time, so get off the computer and go look for this CD right now!

I’m giving this band 10 out of 10, because this is everything I wanted to hear.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Frustrated
02. Whisper From You
03. Lottery
04. Pseudo
05. As For Dreams
06. Vessel

Run Time: 21:12