The band that seemed to be the bastard of glam and punk rock are back! You may remember them as the band that “likes the cocaine” and they have returned full force with Fifteen. Buckcherry is refreshing in the sense that, much like Velvet Revolver, they are true balls to the walls rock n’ roll. Their music oozes that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

“So Far” ignites this powder keg of an album. It is a charging tune of self-indulgence and self-realization. “Next 2 You” creeps with a dirty rhythm that expectorates booze and cigarette smoke… an amusing song about attempting to woo the unattainable woman. “Out of Line” sounds as if it is the soundtrack to cruising the bayous. Imagine what AC/DC would sound like today with a great singer backed by quality tunes. “Everything” is a fantastic expression of longing and self-centeredness.

Next is “Carousel”. The beginning of this song caught me off guard. This song sounds as if it was conceived in Nashville. A country tune of sorts is the best way to describe it. Not that it is a bad thing… tastefully done, just caught me off guard.

“Sorry” should apologize for nothing other than being a quality ballad, both simplistic and intricately touching. “Sorry” is a testament to regret and loss, something most of us can relate to. “Crazy Bitch” is a nitro fuelled song about one of the main pillars in the rock n roll trifecta… Sex. More appropriately, FUCKING! This is the catchiest song about fucking these ears have ever heard!

“Onset” is next… a reckless romp of a tune. “Brooklyn” is a bluesy beast. Even though this song is an ode to Brooklyn and all it’s finer points…. it sounds like it would be at home performed in a honky-tonk bar behind chicken wire that patrons hurl beer bottles through. This leads to “Broken Glass”, a razor sharp rocker that would make Guns N Roses proud.

Buckcherry are back to settle the score. The underdogs are here to kick you in the balls and make you take notice. Fans of no frills rock n’ roll have found their new saviours who preach from the mighty tome of 15. Prepare for conversion.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. So Far
02. Next 2 You
03. Out Of Line
04. Everything
05. Carousel
06. Sorry
07. Crazy Bitch
08. Onset
09. Sunshine
10. Brooklyn
11. Broken Glass

Run Time: 42:23